Purdue Names McBride, Carter, and Tan as Locke Visiting Scholars

Purdue University Announces

Department of Philosophy

Lee McBride, College of Wooster
Impure Communities of Resistance: Harris and Lugones
Creative Democracy: Dewey and Mouffe
Insurrectionist Ethics and Angela Davis
Food and Race as Tradition

Jacoby A. Carter, CUNY, John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Racial Contributions and the Americas’ Cultures
Writing Race in the Americas

American Studies: School of Interdisciplinary Studies

Mindy Tan, Purdue University
Normal Lewis and the Art of Abstract (art) Resistance
Alain Locke and Aesthetics

A Visiting Scholar is invited to become an active member of our scholarly community and will participate in faculty and student colloquia and other department discussions. There are no formal department duties.

The Visiting Scholar will be invited after specific approval by the department head, dean, and the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, or his designee, to engage in scholarly activities for the academic enrichment of the individual and the department.

Upon appointment, the visiting scholar’s name will be listed as appropriate in the telephone directory, the faculty and staff roster, and will be included in appropriate mailing lists.

Appointments as Visiting Scholars will be made upon recommendation of the appropriate dean, director, head of school, division, department, or office, or regional campus chancellor and upon approval by the President of the University or his designee.

Leonard Harris, Ph.D.
Department of Philosophy
Purdue University
West Lafayette, Indiana 47906

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