Caribbean Philosophical Assn. Honors Leonard Harris with Lifetime Award

The Caribbean Philosophical Association is pleased to announce the 2014 recipient of the association’s Frantz Fanon Lifetime Achievement Award is Leonard Harris.

Professor Harris is a pioneer in the academic study of African American philosophy with his groundbreaking textbook, Philosophy Born of Struggle, and The Philosophy of Alain Locke. Harris continues to be at the forefront of building bridges across the full spectrum of Africana thought through the work he has done for UNESCO and the Philosophy Born of Struggle Society.

The Awards Committee noted his philosophy of insurrectionist ethics, his critical challenges to American philosophy, and his important mentorship of several generations of scholars. Africana philosophy (all fields), Caribbean thought, Latin American philosophy, and cross-racial work in feminist philosophy would not be what they are without the important foundations Harris set for their development.

Says Jane Anna Gordon, President of the Caribbean Philosophical Association: “Philosophy Born of Struggle is the precursor to what the Caribbean Philosophical Association has built on. It made the clear case that in addition to doing scholarly research and writing demonstrating the theoretical insights emerging from political struggle, it is essential to build institutions that will nurture it. Professor Harris is a pioneer and consistent leader in that regard.”

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