Alain Locke Society at World Congress, Athens

World Congress of Philosophy (Athens, 2013)

The Alain Locke Society is a member of FISP (International Federation of Philosophical Societies, The society will sponsor a Session at the 23rd World Congress of Philosophy, Athens, 4-10, 2013. The two themes for our “Member Session” are listed below (A,B,C,D), drawn from the book Philosophic Values and World Citizenship, J. A. Carter, L. Harris, eds. or “Insurrectionist Ethics,” L. Harris.

A. World Citizenship (Themes: Cosmopolitanism, Multiculturalism,, Ethnic and Racial Conflict, Democracy vs Racism; Pluralism – three papers)

B. Values (Themes: Moral Imperatives for World Order, Value relativism, Tolerance, Hegemony – three papers)

C. Ethics of Insurrection (Gandhi, King, Fanon, de Beauvoir, etc. – three papers)

D. Insurrectionist Ethics (civil disobedience, concepts of oppression, subaltern, poverty,- three papers)

The society sponsored a session at the World Congress in 1998, resulting in the anthology, Critical Pragmatism of Alain Locke (Harris, ed.).. Hopefully, a publication will result from this session. Diogones (UNESCO) is publishing “Africana” philosophy in English and French based on papers from the “Philosophical Dialogue Between Africa & Americas”, 2011, There is also a Visiting Scholar opportunity as a consequence of this conference (see attached).

Of particular note is that panels should consist of scholars from different countries and languages. As per FISP procedures, all panels may be co-chaired by a Greek colleague; panels may be in more than one language (e.g., English, Greek, French). The panels we assemble will hopefully reflect an international sprit. Please submit a one page abstract for consideration by February 28, 2013 to, subject line FISP LOCKE.

Leonard Harris
Alain Locke Society